tra-r bullet points

HEAVY DUTY TV CART: This tv cart with locking wheels will support 42-72" flat screen televisions with weights up to 167 pounds. This capacity is achieved by the very heavy base. The weight of the TRA-R heavy duty tv cart is more than 2 times the average weight of similar products. Another issue with large televisions is the wingspan which can create instability when weight is applied to the outer edges of the television, the heavy base safeguards your tv for this potential problem.


THE LASTING BEAUTY OF ANODIZED BRUSHED ALUMINUM: Every TRA series cart is made from 100% extruded Aluminum alloy which is hand polished and the then carefully brushed. Unlike other tv carts and rolling tv carts with wheel or casters the TRA series has a solid unibody column made from 25 pounds of aluminum for extreme rigidity and a enduring modern finish which will look like brand new for years to come.

HIGH QUALITY MOUNTING INTERFACE: The TRA series rolling tv carts have an enamel coated television mount with our patented  locking arms for greater safety. These arms allow you to tilt your television to obtain the optimal viewing angle. The mount also includes a locking anti-theft bar with separate lock and key included. The mount also has a "snap on snap off"mechanism for easy installation. Heavy steel thickness prevents sagging once tv is mounted.





ROTATING COLUMN HEAD: The TRA series rolling tv carts have a rotating column head which will allow you to move the viewing angle +/-20º without rotating the tv cart base to obtain the ideal viewing position. The tension on this mechanism is adjustable. The is an OLLO first and only available on OLLO carts. Each tv cart also has a VIDEO CAMERA HOLDER for teleconferencing, which is height adjustable.


AWARD WINNING DESIGN/ LASTING BEAUTY: The TRA series of tv rolling carts has been designed in Italy for OLLO. It has been recognized worldwide for its beauty, finish, and timeless design and is the go-to tv cart for about 100 of America's fortune 500 companies. It is among the highest rated tv carts with wheels in the world!!